MEP Installation & Maintenance

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) are critical aspects of projects and have high interactivity amongst them, which is why they are designed together. As any complex and interactive systems, they are subject to malfunctions, accidents and inefficiencies, often due to poor design implementation and maintenance. We have a dedicated team and a well laid out process to optimise material requirements and reduce installation costs, at the same time achieving high performance.


One of the major mechanical systems in buildings is HVAC which keeps the indoor temperature and humidity within a comfortable range for human health and safety. Our process ensure that the systems accomplishes this with utmost efficiency and less costs to our clients.


We leverage technology to design and layout most optimal pathways for electrical conduits and components to accomplish energy savings and minimise conflicts with mechanical and plumbing installations.


As in mechanical and electrical systems, we use softwares to design and layout proper piping routes to improve water flow and avoid clashes with other systems.

We have dedicated maintenance teams to ensure that systems run smoothly throughout the year and identify issues and improve existing systems. We also have the capability to make use of advanced technologies to identify critical issues in MEP systems and recommend appropriate actions